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Return and Exchange Policy
Return Policy:

Our shippers check and double check each package before it ships, but we're human
and mistakes do happen.
- If its a shipper’s mistake: Return your package in the same box it came in,
to the return address marked on the box.

- ENCLOSE your packing slip telling them the error, and write in the correction the shipper needs to
make. Also, please write down your Phone Number on the packing slip. The shipping you pay for
the return will be returned to you in the form of a check, under a separate mailing.
Please mark your order number on the outside of the box returned.
(Order number located at the top of the packing slip)

- If its a mistake on your part: In this case, please ADD the shipping cost to reship
(found on the box or recalculate from the website), PLUS a $5.00 for restocking.
(Check or Money Order.)

Note: Only Full Cartons or Unopened Bags / Cans can be returned.

No return authorization number is needed, just send it back within 14 days of receipt,
and the shippers will get this corrected and sent out ASAP.

Return Address:
Internet Smokes
PO Box
Irving, NY 14081

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Internet Smokes Return Policy

Internet Smokes

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